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The above interview was printed in the Ubyssey, March 26, 1970 when Fred Latremouille was Co-Editor of the Georgia Straight shortly before he returned to radio at CKVN.

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When C-FUN departed from the Top 40 format in September 1967, it adopted a format consisting of "Easy Listening" music, along with some talk radio.  This format did little to increase the station's stature and not long after it morphed into an all-news station and in 1969 it adopted the new call letters CKVN which signified "Voice of News."  The all-news format failed to catch on with the listening public, lasting only until the Spring of 1970 when the station decided to return to Top 40, going head-to-head once more with CKLG.  This new effort was headed by Fred Latremouille accompanied by an initial lineup of well-known DJs that included John Tanner, Hal Weaver, Timothy Burge, Terry David Mulligan and J.B. Shayne. But after 3 years, the station continued to languish in the ratings war. In January 1973, CKVN was purchased by CHUM Limited of Toronto and, with the influence of the new parent company, by September of that year the station regained its call letters CFUN.

Presented here are the charts from the few years when it was CKVN.


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Larry Morton compilation

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Larry Morton compilation

More Audio
Coutesy of Larry Morton

Michael W. Morgan
March 1972 (2:34)

Phil Toombs
May 1972 (3:32)