HI FI CLUB TOP 40....Friday October 2, 1959

           1.  Just ask your heart                       Frankie Avalon
2. Teen Beat Sandy Nelson
3. Come on and get me Fabian
4. Put your head on my shoulder Paul Anka
5. Caribbean Mitchell Torok
6. Sleep Walk Santo & Johnny
7. Till I Kissed you Everly Brothers
8. Mr. Blue Fleetwoods
9. In the Mood Ernie Fields
10. True True Happiness Johnny Tillotson

11. Seven little girls Paul Evans
12. Livin' Doll Cliff Richards
13. Mary Lou Ronnie Hawkins
14. Makin' Love Floyd Robinson
15. I'm gonna get married Lloyd Price
16. Hey little girl Dee Clark
17. The Boarder Teddy Rambeau
18. Baby Talk Jan & Dean
19. Battle of Camp Kukamonga Homer & Jethro
20. Plenty Good Lovin' Connie Francis

21. Sandy Larry Hall
22. Mack the Knife Bobby Darren
23. You were mine Fireflies
24. Boogie Bear Boyd Bennett
25. If you don't want my lovin' Carl Dobkins Jr.
26. Red River Rock Johnny & the Hurricanes
27. Woo Hoo Rock-a-teens
28. Three Bells Three Browns
29. Poison Ivy Coasters
30. Morgan IVO Robish Jr.

31. Torquay Fireballs
32. Blue Guitar Bert Weedon
33. Okeefenokee Freddie Cannon
34. Fool's Hall of Fame Pat Boone
35. Sea of Love Phil Phillips
36. Slow Motion Wade Flemons
37. Say Man Bo Diddley
38. Some Kind of Earthquake Duane Eddy
39. Wailin' Wailers
40. Igmoo Stonewall Jackson

You're gonna miss me Connie Francis
Five feet hi and rising Johnny Cash
Rockin' Lady Penny Candy
Breakin' up is hard to do Jivin' Gene
Joey's Song Bill Haley
Tucumcari Jimmie Rodgers
First love, first tears Duane Eddy
Lover's Prayer Dion & Belmonts
Something else Eddie Cochran
El Paso Marty Robbins

Notes: -Number 12. Should be Richard, not Richards.
-Number 22. Should be Darin, not Darren.
-Number 19. Should be "Battle of Kookamonga." "Camp" is not in the title.
-Number 28. Artist column should read "The Browns", not "Three Browns."
-Number 30. Should be Ivo Robic.
-Number 33. Should be "Okefenokee."

-Note that this early survey is referred to as the "Hi Fi Club Top 40". On
subsequent surveys the name would be shortened to "Hi-Fi Forty."
-This survey was not printed for public distribution. It was typed by Dave
McCormick on the back of interoffice memo stationery. There was no letterhead or
C-FUN logo. It was taped to the interior window in the studio. At least one
carbon copy may have been made. All misspellings and typos have been included here.
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