Peter's Ice Cream located in Vancouver BC at West Broadway and Blenheim in this painting by Bruce Stewart. Bruce
describes the scene as a "multi-era dream". The retro-style lampposts and the blue-jean cutoffs are symbols of the
seventies while the clothing and hair styles of those on the left typify the fifties and sixties. The "guy" in the cutoffs is
Bruce's friend Brian, and Bruce writes "his galpal is a young lady I once photographed at Kits beach - no exaggeration
of her figure by me. [The] girl lying across the deuce coupe is Lesley Gore and the diminutive dude lighting up at
the end of the deuce is none other than Gene Vincent (who died from a ruptured stomach ulcer in 1971, age 36). The
guy at far left is Red's pal Danny Holiday from KBSG in Seattle, now retired to Stanwood, Wa. All together
celebrating a 'cosmic' moment!"