The Sounds of Summer!

Soundathon number 4 was never printed or distributed. There is brief mention of it in the Vancouver Province's weekly C-FUN feature for July 13, 1962 where, in one lone paragraph, Al Jordan writes:

"C-FUN will be programming its summer soundathon next weekend and it's a wonderful time to refresh your memory of some of the musical moments of the past. This is a two-day special and will begin July 21."

And that, to date, is the only known reference to the summer Soundathon of 1962. This much we are certain of however, and that is, like the "Summer Soundathons" of years to come, this one was a showcase of flashbacks from past summers covering each July and August dating back to 1960.
There were no rankings of songs, and there is no evidence that any votes were asked for or sent in. If a survey had been printed it would likely have appeared like those of future summer soundathons, showing a long list of songs listed in groups by month and year.

Using those guidelines you can get a pretty good idea of what songs were heard during the summer soundathon of 1962. You can even compile your own list if you wish.

Rather than present nothing on this page, we hope you enjoy the few scanned images of past Vancouver summers. And remember, these beach scenes from the early 1960s may seem to have little to do with "Top Forty" radio. But how many of those beachgoers had transistor radios? And how many of them were tuned to C-FUN?