The Sounds of Summer!


Soundathon number 6 was never printed or distributed. Nor is there any known mention of it in any printed media including C-FUN's weekly feature in the Vancouver Province. The event is believed to have run from 9am Saturday June 29 to Midnight Monday July 1, for a total of 63 hours.

Like the "Summer Soundathons" of years to follow, this was a showcase of flashbacks from past summers covering each July and August dating back to 1960. There were no rankings of songs. If a survey had been printed it would have appeared like those of future summer soundathons, showing a long list of songs listed in groups by month and year.

Using those guidelines you can get a pretty good idea of what songs were heard during the summer soundathon of 1963. As it happens we have a partial list of songs, provided to us by Larry Morton of Delta, who listed these as they were played on the radio during that summer of 1963. Larry has also provided us with 4 audio clips recorded right off the radio.

In lieu of an actual 'official' survey we hope you enjoy this representation of the Soundathon of Summer1963.

Summer Soundathon Audio Clips!
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Clip #1 (Frosty Forst)

Clip #2
(Jerry Landa)

Clip #3
(Red Robinson)

Clip #4
(Red Robinson)

with Red Robinson

Audio courtesy of
Larry Morton

Partial Listing of Summer Hits From 1960/61/62

(Courtesy of Larry Morton)

Summer Hits of 1960 (Partial List)

Summer Hits of 1961 (Partial List)

Summer Hits of 1962 (Partial List)

Ticonderoga......Saturday Knights
Is A Bluebird Blue.....Conway Twitty
I'm Sorry.....Brenda Lee
Image Of A Girl.....Safaris
Good Timing.....Jimmy Jones
Everybody's Somebody's Fool
                    .....Connie Francis
Poor Little Puppet.....Cathy Carroll
Down The Street To 301....Johnny Cash
Do You Mind.....Andy Williams
Walking to New Orleans....Fats Domino

The Rebel, Johnny Yuma.....Johnny Cash
Last Night.....Mar-Keys
Cutie Pie.....Johnny Tillotson
Pretty Little Angel Eyes.....Curtis Lee
Dance On Little Girl.....Paul Anka
Barbara Ann.....Regents
Heart And Soul.....Jan & Dean
Windy And Warm.....Chet Atkins
Rama Lama Ding Dong.....Edsels
Temptation.....Everly Brothers

She's Not You.....Elvis Presley
Sugar Plum....Ike Clanton
Run Romance Run.....Bruce Channel
Ballad Of Paladin.....Duane Eddy
Romping And Stomping.....Sandy Nelson
Dream Baby.....Roy Orbison
Suspicion.....Elvis Presley
Come On Train.....Johnny & The Hurricanes
Sharing You.....Bobby Vee
Mashed Potato Time.....Dee Dee Sharp
Tell Me What He Said.....Helen Shapiro
Silver Threads & Golden Needles..Springfields