This painting is by Bruce Stewart of Victoria, B.C., presented on this site for the first time anywhere. Bruce did this as a "fun piece" over twenty years ago. He writes: "I am a (now retired) medical illustrator and ran the department in the 1980s in the Faculty of Medicine on the UBC campus. Growing up in the Little Mountain area, and having a tendency to park up there (a few times!), I thought it might make an interesting subject for a painting. Here it is, with CFUN as the theme and Little Mountain as the location! It was largely unplanned, starting at the top right and working my way counter-clockwise around the "45", I just started painting groups I knew were popular in the early (pre-psychedelic rock) '60s. Did one or two a night till I finished. In acrylics on canvas, the original is around 18 by 24 inches. Oh, yes - the lettering is all freehand with a brush. Drove me nuts!"